Pefect 19 Year Old Makes Love

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4 years ago
Bitch survived open heart surgery and got into porn. Parents must be distraught.
Flower 4 years ago
I just wanted to comment.
Y'all are really stupid. And have no business having sex if you don't even know where babies grow. That's not a c-section scar. C-sections are done under the navel, WHERE YOU FIND THE UTERUS! (And go across.) Fucking morons.
you're all wrong 4 years ago
That's an autopsy scar. she's a hot ass zombie bitch.
4 years ago
Look like she had a big surgery
Dr. Porn 4 years ago
She came from gastric surgery or abdominal surgery. The cut resembles exploratory laparotomy.
That scar 4 years ago
Is a huge turn on for me.
The Truth 4 years ago
Let me let all these White Knights in on a little secret. She still isn't gonna fuck you.
4 years ago
He gave her lousy dick js
Lol 4 years ago
imagine trying to get a good bust and then u see all these weirdos commenting and they make u laugh
vitobonespur 4 years ago