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stankz 5 years ago
Old dude died after nutting lmao
Beth 6 years ago
I want an old mans cock
RiskiiRed 4 years ago
Straight up LOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE this video, needing an old cock to pound my tight wet pussy RIGHT NOW!!! Be even better for me personally, as in if it was actually me, if he forced himself onto me, tied me up, fucked me so roughly & then let all his old cock mates use & abuse me while I was still tied up!!!
Ann 6 years ago
Old guys are so grateful
I prefer them to the stupid shits my age.
The fiancee 3 years ago
My fiancee arranged to have dinner with his dad and grandad in their house. He asked me to wear suspenders and crotchless pants so he'd fuck me afterwards. Didn't know that the plan was for them to take turns on me, I was only 21. His grandad started. They had fun with me, I was so humiliated I couldn't hide my huge orgasms. Grandad was a dirty old man, when he fingered my a** I almost died!! He laughed and asked me to bend over and spread my... Then it happened. I feel awful, like a real slut.
4 years ago
This makes me so horny. I love an old mans cock in my tight pussy
old cool guy. 6 years ago
U can have my cock Beth
Hot young 4 years ago
I want an old man to rape me
5 years ago
God I want to get fucked by an old cock so bad
lavi 5 years ago
This old man enjoying having sex while on the other hand youngsters are craving for that!!!