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Hell nah 6 years ago
Y'all so concerned over whether or not she's peeing or squirting, but I'm over here wondering how and why the fuck none of y'all don't see how NASTY she is for sucking a dick after it was in her asshole helllll nah
O Jesus 8 years ago
Her asshole was comin out at 6:18 wat a boner kill
Yuck 7 years ago
I'm a woman. I know the difference between pissing and squiring cum. That's piss guys. Sorry
HardTime 6 years ago
To all who think that is a squirt, leave your computer and go to school!
That is pure piss, nothing more and nothing less!
Fung retarded virgins!
Hollee 6 years ago
That dick is literally fucked up and that pussy looks like a pigs belly has been cut open. Overall I liked that video.
tay 7 years ago
Everything thinks she was squirting and it was piss sorry guys lol but other than that this chick is a freak I like it :)
Emma 7 years ago
I love big cocks like thiis
Samantha 6 years ago
Now that is good porn
You are a moron cock sucker yo 6 years ago
Who the fuck are you calling moron? Although the squirt is fake, but it comes from urethra, you have to keep your fucking small chinese eyes open. To see it's coming from her urethra not vagina. you fucking cock sucker.
5 years ago
Im jacking off with a big vibrator in my ass. My prostate is about to get emptied in my own mouth.