Me and my girlfriend filmed ourself

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Diamond Dave 10 months ago
LOVED this!! Real.. Raw.. Unscripted.. and there’s only the 2. Anytime ya see the cam movin all around, it’s fabricated. Just you 2 recording stationary w/o distractions. Passionately getn your groove and feelin’ every move. If you’re still a couple, get ahold of me. If this sex-vixen is not tied, I’d love to hit that deep. I’m in Denver.
hermes 5 months ago
I fully agree with the other comments.
If it wasn't for the tats and piercings I would think she isn't that old either.
She has fucked before ,that is obvious.......I am sure there will be many more to cum! lol
Another man 2 weeks ago
Anj tititnya bengkok